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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

According to an Ibis Worlds Market Report, the trucking industry in Canada is worth over CAD$9 billion, with dump trucks controlling an ever-growing portion of this cap. Dump trucks are efficient, versatile, and incredibly powerful and have proved their worth time and time again. Having a reliable dump truck is all but necessary for the construction business. If your establishment is in the middle of a renovation or doing construction work, you will need a dependable provider of dump trucks to carry rocks, dirt, or building debris. Continue reading to find how a dump truck service can help your next project.

Benefits of Hiring Dump Truck Services Here are three reasons why hiring a dump truck service is beneficial for construction projects of all sizes. Increased Savings and Efficiency The construction business is expensive, and trying to dispose of waste yourself usually requires you to use your own personal vehicles or maybe to buy a dump truck at a steep cost. Neither of these options is ideal - one can damage your vehicle and make you complete multiple trips, and the latter requires you to spend an excessive amount of money. Although second-hand trucks are much cheaper than new ones, they still cost significantly more than hiring a truck. Keeping that in mind, a dump truck service costs less in the long run as it spares you from expenses such as fees and fuel costs incurred if you moved the materials yourself. Dump truck companies have experienced drivers that haul away construction materials efficiently. Their driving skills employees may not be able to be matched by your employees. So, the trained staff will provide you with more time to spend on your project and save you money in the process. A lot of large-scale projects may absolutely require the use of a dump truck. But don’t underestimate the efficiency they can add to a smaller project either. Minimized Risk Safety first! Having your employees gather and haul construction debris to an offsite dump in their own vehicles dramatically increases the chances of an accident. Construction debris may have sharp, heavy, or toxic components, and most of your employees may not know how to handle the trash properly. Hiring a dump truck service means the professional operator can use the tip mechanism to dispose of the waste safely. Less Stress Hiring a dump truck service can significantly lower your stress and allow you to focus on more trivial tasks. You know that the haulers will arrive on time. Dump truck companies are insured as a safeguard against anything unfortunate that can occur on your construction site. Having reliable haulers working on your project can help remove confusion about trucking logistics in your entire team. The use of dump trucks can provide significant improvements in the day-to-day life of your workers. Looking for a Dump Truck Service in Your Area? Dump trucks are far from the only equipment you need for a project. Check out our page and give us a call at Burgess Transportation Services for dump truck services and other heavy equipment rentals.

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