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Purchasing a truck is a big deal for anyone. Selecting a brand and model that will meet your expectations and then getting the vehicle registered and insured is a time-consuming process. There are specific questions you need to ask before you settle to buy a Hino truck. At Burgess Transportation Services, we have been the only authorized dealers of Hino Motors in New Brunswick since 2005. We offer service centres, parts, body shop & paint, construction equipment, trucking, as well as towing and roadside assistance.

THREE THINGS YOU SHOULD ASK YOUR HINO TRUCK DEALER Have a look at the questions you should ask your dealer before buying a truck: 1. What primary benefits can you offer? Ask your dealer how much after-hours support is provided. Enquire about the finances and what deals they’re going to provide. Consult them about the maintenance costs and if there will be any future benefits if you buy the truck from them. 2. What can you tell me about your trucks? Before you meet a dealer to purchase a truck, make sure to do enough research about trucks. Also, consult someone with enough knowledge about the industry. You will have some insight when you discuss your expectations with a dealer. 3. Can you help me select a truck that will suit my specific business needs? Talk about your business and the industry it is associated with. Your dealer will give you better advice regarding which Hino truck will best suit your needs, whether you choose to go with a new or used truck. A truck is an asset for your business, so before choosing one, make sure to go through the details. That will help you utilize the truck the best. Contact Burgess Transportation Services to buy a Hino truck today!

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