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Have you ever stopped at a truck stop and thought, "What is it that truck drivers do?" Truck drivers help make our country run by delivering many of the everyday products we need. They cross the country to bring items to our backyard. However, not all drivers drive across the country. Many drivers participate in regional trucking. This is one of the busiest and most productive parts of trucking. Small to medium-sized businesses rely on regional truckers and regional trucking services to help their business grow. Continue reading to see how regional trucking could be a benefit to your business.

Delivery Regions Regional trucking refers to a specific area of delivery that can be anywhere from a 200-1000 mile radius. For example, Quebec, Ontario, and the Atlantic Provinces would be a region for delivery. Regional trucking helps companies cover a set area and helps drivers have a more consistent schedule. Many business owners who need to transport their goods have found great success using regional trucking. Schedule for Loads The regional truck driver carries loads on a route for different businesses. They can carry raw goods or finished products for sale to specific stores. The deliveries often happen during the week or at set times. This gives the trucker a more permanent schedule, and the business can count on their goods being delivered by specific dates. Less Stress Trucking can be a complicated issue for many small to medium-sized businesses. Regional trucking companies have grown to meet those needs. Many companies use regional trucking services to deliver their goods for them. This saves them the headache of running their own trucking. Plus, many of these trucking services handle all of the maintenance for the trucks themselves. This saves the business time, money, and hassle. A Solution to Your Growing Business Regional trucking could be a great solution for your business. It opens up a vast range of areas for products and provides scheduled pickup and delivery times. Burgess Transportation Services is a family-owned business with a growing list of clients using their regional trucking services. Contact them about how they can partner with you to grow your business' footprint.

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