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Roadside breakdowns can cause a lot of inconvenience. It is very difficult to find a service centre on spot, it delays the delivery of the cargo kept in the truck and the safety of the driver will also be at risk. Even the best-maintained truck can break down. Some of the causes could be an overheated engine or a flat tire. This is where the importance of roadside assistance comes into the picture. Burgess Transportation Services Inc. is always available to help trucks that are broken down with towing and roadside assistance services. We provide services in areas within a 100 km radius of Petitcodiac, New Brunswick. This includes the communities of Moncton, Sussex, Salisbury and other surrounding areas. In this blog post, our technicians discuss how to handle truck breakdowns.

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR TRUCK BREAKS DOWN? It is important to not panic if your truck breaks down. You can protect yourself and your truck while waiting for roadside assistance. Follow the below-mentioned tips to stay safe: • Get off the road Find a safe spot to pull over once you have noticed an issue with your truck. An emergency breakdown lane or any open area is preferable but make sure you get out of traffic. This is because other vehicles might not be able to get around your truck. Getting your truck off the road also ensures that any risk of accidents is minimized. • Make yourself visible Once you have parked your truck, ensure that it’s clearly visible to other drivers. Activate the parking lights and hazard lights. Also, raise the hood and place red warning signals near the truck. These measures will alert other drivers about your presence and also make it easier for our roadside assistance team to find you. • Call roadside assistance Call us for emergency breakdown service as soon as possible. Tell us your current location and provide us with some information about your situation. We will send our technicians with the needed tools to repair or tow your truck. Ensure you have our number and policy information to receive assistance quickly. Always wait for professional assistance and never try to flag down other vehicles or take help from others. Our knowledgeable crew can get you back on the road safely and quickly. • Exit your vehicle carefully Be cautious while exiting your truck. It is preferred to leave through the passenger side door to avoid traffic. Don’t exit if you feel unsafe. Instead, stay inside with the seat belt on. If the engine is smoking, get away as far as possible and alert the fire department for help. • Stay away from the road Getting hit by passing traffic is one of the biggest concerns during roadside breakdowns. Keep away from the main road. Standing next to the truck when there are moving vehicles around might be dangerous. If possible stand behind a barrier for safety. LET US HELP With Burgess Transportation Services Inc., you can count on quality service from an award-winning team. We have been operational in Petitcodiac, New Brunswick for over 73 years. We are more than just an average roadside assistance. We operate a full-service truck repair centre and also specialize in regional trucking. Read our blog post - Five Warning Signs Your Truck Needs Servicing – to learn when you should service your trucks. Call us when you need roadside assistance.

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