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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Saving up on truck parts and accessories might be a priority for truck owners, but it is equally important to select top quality components. This ensures efficient vehicle performance and keeps your customers happy while their goods are being transported. If you are looking for quality truck parts for your vehicle Burgess Transportation Services can help you out. We provide hoses, filters, suspension parts, belts and other components for all makes and models. We offer on-the-road deliveries to our clients in Southern New Brunswick. We also provide other services such as body painting and customization, vehicle service and trucking service.

WHAT TO CONSIDER WHILE BUYING TRUCK PARTS? When you are buying replacement parts for your trucks, it’s vital to consider these crucial points for best results: Price – This is one of the major reasons why people buy truck parts from the aftermarket. While parts are less expensive, they also vary a lot in quality. If you are buying parts based on price alone, you may have to replace them repeatedly. Variety – There are multiple companies that create automotive accessories and parts. This means you have to research a lot to identify parts that are best for your vehicle. The benefit here is that the prices are more competitive as more companies mean more competition. Quality – It is important to ask all the right questions to ensure you don’t buy parts that won’t fit in your vehicle or deteriorate too fast. WHICH TRUCK PARTS NEED REPEATED REPLACEMENT? While any part of a truck can get damaged, some parts might need regular replacement. They are: Tires – As tires are continuously in contact with the road, they can wear down very fast. Brake pads – Truck drivers use brakes a lot owing to traffic. Clutch – Clutch transfers torque from the engine to the drivetrain. Clutch should be in good condition to smoothly deliver the engine’s power to move the vehicle. FINDING REPLACEMENTS YOU CAN TRUST Burgess Transportation Services is a locally owned business that has been operational for over 73 years. With our large inventory of truck parts, we offer faster shipping. If you want to change a damaged part in your truck, choose us. Read our blog post - How Often Do You Need to Get Your Truck Parts Checked? – to know when to change truck parts. Call us when you need trucks parts for your fleet.

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