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How to Avoid Expensive Heavy-Duty Truck Repairs

Did you know the Government of Canada is working with the Canadian Trucking Alliance and provincial associations on a CAD 46 million funding package to address the country's truck driver shortage?

The federal government has agreed to provide funding to address the growing shortage of drivers and its impact on the country's supply chain.

While the trucking industry is essential to the country's economy, the men and women who are the backbone of the industry can't reliably do what they do if their heavy-duty trucks aren't in good shape.

Keep reading to see how you can avoid expensive heavy-duty truck repairs.

Failing to Take Care of Wear-and-Tear Issues

One way to avoid expensive repairs is to stay on top of regular wear and tear. You can avoid many semi-truck repairs simply by paying attention to the engine, tires, light bulbs, etc.

Get regular oil and filter changes, keep the tires properly inflated, check the light bulbs, and conduct the necessary checks on other components. You might be surprised at how taking care of the little things will prevent some big issues.

Booking regular appointments with a reputable commercial truck repair business will ensure your truck gets the proper care. The trained technicians will perform checks, do maintenance, and handle repairs.

‍Using the Wrong Fluids

Using the wrong fluids will lead to expensive commercial truck repairs. Are you changing the engine oil? Use the right one for your heavy-duty truck.

Using the wrong type of engine oil could overload the engine in your heavy-duty truck and lead to more fuel consumption.

You must also ensure you use the correct brake oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant, and any other fluid your commercial truck needs. You can avoid many problems simply by using the proper fluids for your commercial rig.

Need help to stay on top of changing or topping up fluids for your heavy-duty truck? A service provider like Burgess Transportation Services can help. We're the only truck repair shop in Moncton you need for your commercial truck.

Installing Incorrect Parts Will Require Truck Repairs

Another problem you'll want to avoid is installing the wrong components in your commercial truck.

If you have an accident and your commercial truck insurance provider authorizes repairs, you'll want to know if the correct parts are being installed.

Find a shop that will install the right commercial truck parts -- and install them properly. You want a proper fit and seal so there are no issues down the road.

Get original equipment manufacturer parts if you can. But quality aftermarket parts are okay too. Ask your service provider about your options.

Do You Need a Truck Repair Shop in Moncton?

How do you avoid the need for expensive truck repairs, box truck repairs, and other work that keeps your heavy-duty truck off the road? Stay on top of maintenance and repairs -- and get the work done by experienced pros.

At Burgess Transportation Services, we have experience servicing commercial trucks of all makes and models. Whether you need maintenance or repairs, our skilled technicians can assist. Let us know how we can help with your truck.

When you need truck repair in Moncton, we're a service provider you can trust.

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