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Updated: Apr 25

Owning and managing trucks can be troublesome if you don’t tend to them regularly. This is because there aren’t many other vehicles that take more abuse on roads. Despite the durability, they are still machines made up of parts that degrade over time. For businesses to stay ahead in today’s competitive market, it is necessary to check your truck parts at regular intervals for potential issues. But how can you determine the time frame to know when to check? Burgess Transportation Services Inc. carries parts for all kinds of heavy-duty trucks, including a large selection of hoses, belts and filters. We also do on-the-road deliveries to all areas in Southern New Brunswick. You can always count on us for transportation service needs in Sussex, Moncton and surrounding areas. In this blog post, our expert technicians have explained in detail on how often you should check your truck parts.

FACTORS TO CONSIDER It is advised that you familiarize yourself with the recommended service intervals for your truck from the manufacturer. They will advise the duration needed for servicing your heavy-duty truck which will enable you to routinely replace worn parts. If your trucks are brand new, appropriate maintenance will ensure they won’t malfunction for a long time. A truck maintenance list should normally address: • Transmission fluid • Fuel system • Engine oil and filter changes • Engine and transmission mounts • Belts and hoses • Drive shafts or CV joints • Electrical system components • Steering and suspension system • Braking system • Wheels and rims • Exhaust system • Exterior and interior lights • Windshield wiper system • Horn • Undercarriage and frame • Fluid leaks • Auxiliary systems The fleet manager or truck drivers should be personally responsible for maintaining the vehicle on time. SEASONAL MAINTENANCE The hot summer months and the cold winter months offer a range of problems for truck parts. During summer maintenance, the following should be done: • Determine that the coolant is clean and inspect the radiator for corrosion • Perform a coolant system pressure test • Inspect the air conditioner cooling coils for debris buildup and clean if necessary • Inspect the heater core and radiator for damage, mushiness and leaks • Examine the water pump for leaks to ensure that the engine maintains the temperature recommended by the manufacturer • Attention should be given to the engine coolant and tire air pressure • Inspect the electrical system including battery, cables and condition of wires During winter maintenance, the following should be focused on: • Service the fuel filter and drain water separator to prevent freezing • The battery should be tested and all the connections should be cleaned • The windshield should be checked for pitting and chips • Replace windshield wiper blades if damaged • Check to see if windshield water reservoirs are at proper dilution levels • Check the position and function of the directional vanes of the heater to ensure defrosting • Check the anti-braking system at the start of winter for monitoring the fluid levels, drum brake adjustment and parking brake performance • Ensure that the front surface of the radiator is clean LET US HELP Burgess Transportation Services Inc. is an award-winning locally-owned and operated-business with a history of 73 years. Our inventory offers truck parts of all makes and models. More than just regular transportation services, we perform full-service truck repair and specialize in regional trucking. Also, for information on when your truck needs servicing, read our blog post- FIVE WARNING SIGNS YOUR TRUCK NEEDS SERVICING Call us to learn more about our services.

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