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Updated: Apr 20

Conspicuous noises, increased vibration, abrupt gear shifts – if you’ve noticed any of these odd behaviours while out on the road, chances are your truck could do with a tune-up.

As a reputable, full-service truck repair centre near Sussex, New Brunswick, Burgess Transportation Services Inc. knows that the best way to reduce downtime and avoid unnecessary, costly repairs is to have your truck serviced regularly. In this blog post, our trained mechanics discuss five telltale signs that your truck may need immediate attention. 1. Warning Lights If a tiny symbol lights up on your truck’s dashboard, it shows up for a reason. Warning lights indicate a potential problem with a vehicle system or component, from insufficient tire pressure to transmission failure. It’s important to get your truck inspected sooner rather than later to prevent problems from getting worse. 2. Unexplained Noises Whining from under the hood, louder-than-usual rumbling from the exhaust, crunching gears, squealing brakes – these are all signs of excessive wear-and-tear. If your truck starts emitting unusual noises, listen attentively. Trouble might not be far behind. 3. Increased Vibration If you feel the steering wheel vibrating beneath your grip, or if the whole vehicle seems to shake as the speedometer climbs, you’ll want to get your truck examined for wear or more serious mechanical problems. Any significant vibration that isn’t caused by a bumpy road should immediately raise a red flag. This could indicate a variety of problems, from worn or unbalanced tires to issues with your steering or suspension systems. 4. Rough or Abrupt Gear Shifts Shifting gears is supposed to be smooth, reliable, and efficient, especially if your truck comes equipped with an automatic transmission. However, if your truck has trouble shifting into higher gear when accelerating, or if it upshifts or downshifts sporadically, then your transmission needs attention. Because your gearbox experiences a great deal of wear-and-tear over time, fluids and parts sometimes need replacing. 5. Leaks Finally, if you notice stains or spills on the ground after your truck has been parked for a while, you’ll want to get your vehicle serviced as soon as possible. Dark red/brown patches can indicate a leak with your transmission oil, engine oil, or brake fluid, whereas bright green liquid indicates a leak with your radiator coolant, which maintains proper engine temperature. Your Full-Service Truck Repair Centre of Choice Diagnosing and fixing a minor problem can help prevent more serious repairs down the road. At Burgess Transportation Services in Petitcodiac, New Brunswick, we service and repair just about any type of commercial truck, regardless of make or model. Thanks to our extensive inventory of truck repair parts, we can get you back on the road in no time. With roadside assistance to areas near Moncton, Sussex, and other Southern New Brunswick regions, we’re there for you whenever you need us! For fast and effective truck maintenance and repair services, call on our experts today.

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