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Updated: Apr 20

Many options are to be considered while buying a truck for your business, mainly whether it’s going to be a used or a new one. Both have their advantages but certain factors are to be considered in deciding to buy on one that will suit your specific business needs. At Burgess Transportation Services Inc., our inventory offers a range of well-maintained medium duty trucks for sale. With a range of flatbed trucks, box trucks and other vehicles you are sure to find one that will suit your business needs. You will be able to move anything from vehicles, to sod and gravel, to furniture, to large appliances and everything in between. Let’s see the factors that you have to consider companies like us who provide medium duty trucks for sale.

ADVANTAGES OF BUYING A NEW TRUCK The main factor that is to be considered while purchasing a new truck is cost. A new one will significantly be more expensive than a used one. But buying a new truck has its advantages also. Let’s see a few of the major benefits: Extensive warranty - New trucks come with an extensive warranty that includes coverage for all sorts of damage. This can save you money in case any misfortunate event happens. Full knowledge of truck’s history - Used trucks might have some unknown issues and most of the times you cannot know how well maintained the truck has been. But purchasing a new one will let you be in complete control of the vehicle. Availability of latest technologies and features - A brand-new vehicle will provide you with all the recent upgrades of the model that will suit your business needs. Fuel efficiency is one of these factors. Science is always improving, not just in terms of engine efficiency but also in thermodynamics. Although a new truck costs a lot more money, it makes up for that cost on maintenance that will come along with a used one. Also, there will be a peace of mind knowing that nobody else has driven the truck. ADVANTAGES OF BUYING A USED TRUCK Cost is again the main factor that has to be considered, as used ones will be a lot cheaper. These vehicles have to be thoroughly checked as they might have wear and tear issues. Performance might also be lower than a brand new one. But buying a used truck has its advantages also. Let’s see a few of the major benefits: Avoid initial depreciation - Every vehicle will go through an initial depreciation when it’s first sold. Used ones will allow you to avoid this. Variety - Just as there is variety in prices, you can also find a variety in models. There are numerous makes of different years from which you can choose for your specific business needs. More powerful - Some drivers prefer older models because they are more powerful and sturdily built Also if the truck was properly taken care of by the previous owner, it will successfully serve you for many years. LET US HELP Burgess Transportation Services Inc. can provide you with trucks that can meet your needs in terms of mileage, the weight that has to be carried and more. We sell only new and used trucks. For information on Hino trucks, read our blog post - Four key benefits of owning a Hino truck. Call us to know more about our cost-effective services.

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