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5 Winter Driving Tips for Truckers

Did you know 2,000 Canadians are killed, and another 10,000 are seriously injured yearly in heavy truck collisions? Truck driving in Canada is quite dangerous.

It's a huge challenge for professional truck drivers to do their jobs, get there on time, and stay safe.

Knowing how to keep yourself safe on the roads during the cold winter months is important. If you plan to drive light and medium-duty trucks in Moncton this winter, there's a lot you can do to keep yourself safe on the roads.

Here's a look at tips for truck safety in the cold winter months.

1. Be Prepared

Before you hit the road, make sure you're fully prepared. That means having the right equipment in place before starting your trip.

Truck drivers have to be prepared for emergencies in the harsh wintertime. Be sure to have these items handy.

  • A shovel

  • Bag of sand or salt

  • De-icer and scraper

  • Jumper cables

  • High-visibility jacket

  • Flashlight

  • Extra clothing

  • Warm blanket

  • Food and water

  • Plenty of gas in the tank

2. Inspect Your Truck

You don't want to be caught unprepared in icy winter temperatures with a broken-down truck. Be sure to be vigilant about vehicle inspections as you head into winter.

Remember to check the following:

  • Your battery

  • The tires

  • Wiper blades

  • Lights

  • Fluid levels

  • Defrosters

  • Exhaust pipes

A daily inspection is the best way to go during the cold winter. A paper-based check or digital app can help you stay on track with vehicle safety.

3. Check Weather Conditions

Before you set out on the road, check the weather conditions. Stay tuned for updates and sudden changes in weather conditions.

Check for closed routes and choose the safest routes in rough weather conditions.

4. Drive Safely

First and foremost, get plenty of rest to avoid falling asleep behind the wheel. Sudden, sharp movements can result in you losing control.

Hard acceleration and braking can decrease traction. Remember to maintain a safe distance between you and any vehicle in front of you for safe braking on icy roads. Defensive driving is key for your safety.

Most accidents occur with drivers travelling too fast. This is even more dangerous in treacherous conditions. Be aware of how your vehicle operates in harsh winter weather.

Speed limits are in place for good weather conditions. You may need to drive below the speed limit in adverse conditions.

5. Drive Smoothly

Sudden, sharp movements, braking, or accelerations can cause you to lose control of a large truck. Maintaining a steady, consistent speed in winter weather is important.

Always maintain a safe distance for comfortable braking distances, especially in icy conditions. Above all, if weather conditions become too dangerous, know when to stop.

Drive to a gas station, truck stop, or safe area until the weather and road conditions improve.

Light and Medium-Duty Trucks in Moncton

Trucking in winter can be a real challenge, so remember to prioritize your safety. Make sure you have all the necessary gear and supplies before setting out on the road.

Inspect your vehicle and check weather conditions regularly. If you're driving light and medium-duty trucks in Moncton in hazardous winter conditions, remember these safe driving tips.

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