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Hino is Canada’s number one truck in its class  for several years. This achievement is a result of Hino’s persistence on quality and serving the unique needs of its customers.

As a division of Burgess Transportation Services Inc., Brunswick Hino is the only authorized Hino dealer in New Brunswick. Hino customers can count on best-in-class sales, services, parts, body repairs, and painting services from our team. These award-winning services ensure our customers receive the highest levels of service, not just at the time of sale, but for many years to come.

We have numerous Hino models available, from medium-duty 16,000 GVW models, all the way through heavy-duty, 35,000 GVW models. We fulfill the needs of all Class 4-7 truck operators. Cabovers, hybrids, and crewcabs are all available. Hino’s proven four- and six-cylinder diesel engines provide class-leading technology with an incredible reputation for long service and durability. Hino trucks are also backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Brunswick Hino provides a complete, one-stop solution. We supply bodies from numerous companies, including Dynamic Truck Bodies, Del, Drake Truck Bodies™, and Atlantic Truck Bodies. We can also have your choice of paint and decals applied to fulfill your company’s unique specifications and requirements.

In addition to new Hino trucks, we also have a selection of previously owned vehicles. Please call for additional details.

Premium Protection
Preventative Care


Toyota Financial Services

With Hino financing through Meridian, Recap Leasing, and Laurentian Bank (formerly CIT), you can count on the quality and service that customers have come to expect . As a one-stop experience, we can provide fast credit approvals, competitive rates, and flexible terms. Your financing contract will be written in plain, easy-to-read language that will disclose all the information you need.

The process is easy, too; simply come in, discuss your needs with our team, then select a truck that works best for you. We take care of all the rest. Our sales manager, Dennis Murphy, has been Atlantic Canada’s top Hino salesman since 2006. Dennis’ dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience remains the same, whether you’re purchasing one truck or a fleet of forty. He always seeks to establish long-term relationships that continue beyond the sale.

For more information on financing your Hino purchase, contact Dennis Murphy at 506-756-2250, or through our toll-free telephone line at 1-888-756-6225.


Hino Motors Canada Ltd., is the exclusive distributor of Hino products in Canada and is part of the Toyota Group of Companies. Hino Canada's head office is located in Mississauga, Ontario, with regional representatives located in Quebec and British Columbia. With over 30 years of history in Canada, Hino is well known as a supplier of high-quality, medium-duty, single-axle straight trucks ranging from 16,000 pounds GVW through 35,000 pounds GVW.

In May 2006, Hino opened a new assembly plant in Woodstock, Ontario. This 132,000-square-foot facility employs a staff of 45 and has the capacity to produce 2,000 units per year. Using leading-edge engineering and manufacturing technologies, Hino produces reliable, comfortable, and cost efficient trucks.

Our customers have come to depend upon the outstanding reliability and superb fuel economy of our trucks, which are often required to operate under very demanding conditions. Hino's concern for the environment and their superior engineering capabilities ensure compliance with the most stringent emissions regulations. Together with our coast-to-coast dealership network, we are committed to providing the highest levels of customer service. We also have a dependable parts and services department.

In 2012, Hino Motors Canada posted record sales of Class 4-7 trucks, beating their previous sales record set in 2006. As of January 2013, Hino Canada commands 25.4% of all Class 4-7 sales in Canada. Hino Canada has achieved the second-highest market share in the world for their Class 4 and 5 models (155/195), introduced in 2011.

Hino Logo


Taken from the initial "H" of Hino Motors, the Hino logo represents the fusion of the company's expansive, dynamic capabilities as it sets its sights onto the future. Visually, the Hino trademark is a stylistic depiction of a sunrise on the horizon.

Arcs connected to the left and right of the central line represent Hino's desire for a sense of logistic unity, connecting the mainline with the terminals. A powerful force generating horizontal expansion along the “transportation route” of this central line symbolizes Hino's commitment to progress.

The mutually attracting, curved sides of the trademark symbolize the balance between Hino's advanced technologies and the environment. Finally, the double-headed arrow shape of the Hino trademark embodies the concept of the company's longstanding credo as a truck and bus manufacturer for "safe passage to and from.”

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