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Guy Lafleur


Burgess Transportation Services Inc., the parent company of Brunswick Hino, is proud to be a locally owned and operated business located in Petitcodiac, New Brunswick. Our family business started out as a service station and grocery store in New Canaan, New Brunswick. We also operated a Cockshutt/White Farm equipment dealership, as well as a small dairy farm. In 1946, our father and company founder, Harry Burgess, purchased a small truck to haul milk from local farmers to Sussex Cheese and Butter Company.  By the mid-1950s, our company expanded to five trucks. Soon after, we purchased more trucks and expanded operations to include transporting gravel and soil for local contractors.

Today, we are proud to have 50 employees and over 20 company-owned trucks. In the fall of 2005, we started selling Hino trucks, with our first sale going to Atlantic Sprout Farm in Harvey, New Brunswick in November of 2005. In the first six months of business, we only sold six trucks. During our second year, business steadily improved with 12 units sold for the 2006 calendar year. By 2007, we were averaging two Hino truck sales per month. Our achievements in Hino truck sales have earned us numerous national dealer awards and we earned the designation of being Atlantic Canada’s number-one Hino seller. We’ve also won several awards, including the “Award of Excellence,” in recognition of our outstanding overall performance in sales, service, and parts.

This year, it is projected that Hino will account for over 40% of Class 4-7 market share in Canada. Not only are Hino’s machines manufactured with the utmost quality, they also earn high marks in reliability and in having some of the best warranties in the business. We are proud to share in Hino’s success and see Hino leading the market for many years to come.


20 Smith St.

Petitcodiac, NB E4Z 4W1

We proudly distribute to: Atlantic Canada, 

Quebec, Ontario,  and the Eastern Seaboard. Contact us for more information.

Roadside Service Area

  • 100 Kilometres Outside of Petitcodiac

  • Fredericton

  • Miramichi

  • Moncton

  • Sackville



I grew up in New Canaan, New Brunswick and through my teenage years I was involved in many areas of the business, including keeping shop, pumping gas, driving farm tractors, working on the milk trucks, yarding logs with horses, and trucking to mills. In 1965, I partnered with my father in the enterprises when I was 19 years of age. We expanded the trucking company to include haulage of forest products and gravel. We also ventured into construction and worked for paper companies and governments in road construction. In 1976, my father retired and Trevor joined me in the family business. We incorporated and began operating as Burgess Contracting Ltd. In 1989, we ventured into the lumber business by purchasing Lakeburn Lumber Limited, of which we operated until 2005 when we sold the lumber-producing facility. We retained the timber land which we operate under a forestry management program. In 1989, Trevor and I also ventured into the rock quarry business, which we currently lease to the Miller Group. In 1996, we moved our trucking operation from New Canaan into a new 25,000-square-foot facility in Petitcodiac, New Brunswick. We became a Mack® truck parts and services dealer in 1998 and a Hino truck sales, parts, and service dealer in 2005.



I worked for my father from the age of 14, riding as a helper on milk trucks on Saturdays and during summer holidays. I also drove gravel trucks and helped build roads at the age of 15 during my summer holidays. After graduation, I worked at Eaton’s and various building contractors, doing form work and steel beam erection. I drove a parts truck and worked in the stock room for Lounsbury Truck branch from 1973 ‘til 1975. In the latter part of ’75, I worked for my father and brother, driving trucks and doing mechanic work. In January of 1976, I bought shares from my father and partnered with my brother Derek to form Burgess Contracting Ltd.

Scott Burgess


I am the administrator at Burgess Transportation Services Inc. In this role, I look after the day-to-day administration, including accounting, AR, AP, and payroll. I have almost 30 years’ experience at Burgess as the administrator. I started with Burgess working in construction during the summer months while going to school. I operated a payloader and drove tandem dump trucks. After completing high school, I attended college and graduated with a diploma in business administration. In 1988, I began working full-time as the administrator at Burgess.



Burgess was — and still is — very diversified; I started working for the family business in 1992 in the recycling industry. Derek owned shares in Rayan Investments Ltd. and Rayan Investments (NS) Ltd. who was contracted out to handle all liquor-bottle recycling for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I worked in the New Brunswick facility for four years, then relocated to the Nova Scotia facility for two years. Next, I moved onto the lumber industry in 1998, Lakeburn Lumber Limited in Dieppe, where I ran the day-to-day office operations for the next seven years, until the sale of the mill. I then moved on to the transportation industry in 2005, where we operated a flatbed division out of Dieppe. I stayed with the flatbed division until its sale in 2011. Derek, Scott, and myself started a reload, transfer, and distribution yard within the CN Hump Yard compound in Moncton, New Brunswick, in 1999. I ran this operation until its closure in October of 2014. I have been working out of the Petitcodiac office since 2011, doing compliance, warranty, and day-to-day office operations ever since.

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